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Bebendo direto da fonte

Aqui vcs acabam sabendo até mesmo antes dos alemães!
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From: Fernando Bresslau
Date: 19-Jan-2007 01:02
Subject: Hohner Namm News - 150th Anniversary
To: harp-l

Hi Folks!

Just a short note from São Paulo, Brazil, where I am spending my vacations.

NAMM Show is there and we have some news for you. It is also Hohner's 150th Anniversary, and these are just the first surprises we have prepared for you.

If you visit

you will find some information and pictures of our Anniversary Line harmonicas. The "Gold Edition" and the "Chrome Edition" diatonic harmonicas sport a sensational feature which surely will catch your eyes instantly:

the first ever crystal glass harmonica bodies, in clear and bronze coloration!

Both models will be limited, to 150 pieces the "Gold Edition" and 1857 pieces the "Chrome Edition". All harmonicas will be individually numbered.

Besides these two high class harmonicas we will also launch the 150th Anniversary Standard Edition, with a solid clear plastic body to match.

I am also happy to annouce two further products to come along the year:

The Hohner Highlander Mouthorgan is a traditional tremolo harmonica specifically designed for the Scottish Highland Bagpipe music and other celtic and traditional folk styles. It sports the keys of D-Major and A-Mixolydian, a very handy combination. Our partner in this development is the great Scottish player Donald Black, who has been using this tuning on his Echo Harps 2x40 for years now.
Check Donald's show at Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow, next Monday, the 22nd. Brendan Power will also be present, surely a treat for harmonica players in the UK.

A revised and improved version of our Service Set. With the right tools for tuning harmonicas, centering reeds, exchanging valves and much more. Improved nylon carry case and some sensible mods to the included tools. Updated and detailed instructions.
More info on these products to follow in a later moment.

Take care,
Fernando Bresslau

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