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Esse show eu gostaria de ver:
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From: dennis moriarty
Date: 24-Oct-2006 19:25
Subject: [Harp-L] Huge harp show in NYC this Saturday
To: harp-l@harp-l.org

At Joe's Pub on Saturday 10/28 at 7 p.m. with Wade Shuman's Hazmat Modine (with two lead harp players). The huge part is "The Four Harmonica Ensemble" featuring: Wade (diatonic), Randy Weinstein (mostly chromatic), Trip Henderson (diatonic), and Dennis Greunling ( diatonic, especially low tuned) interspersed with the rest of the show. This much harp doesn't happen in NYC too frequently (I was in Spain for Mark Hummel's Blow off at B.B. Kings which had to be the first time Lee Oscar played here in 25 years). Catch it while you can! dennis (nyc) p.s. I have no affiliation with any of these guys beyond respect and an occasional hand shake.

P.S.: Achei a mensagem abaixo no meu perfil no Myspace. A banda Hazmat Modine logicamente também pode ser achada .
Tickets thru telecharge 212.239.6200 or visit www.telecharge.com
Table reservations and General information 212.539.8770 www.Joespub.org

HAZMAT modine is very pleased to present a special event with unusual guests and small acoustic ensembles from the band, as well as the full 8 piece extended version of the group known as HAZMAT MODINE-DELUXE at this wonderful New York City club. Joe's Pub has some of the best acoustics in NYC...This performance will be designed to take advantage of the clear and transparent sound of the venue...

This epic hour and a half show will debut some new material and particularly unusual manifestations of the band, including the astounding unprecedented dueling Tubas of Joe Daly and Dave Grego, two of New York’s great Tuba specialists. The band will perform both in small groups, one to three members...up to ten members…

The event also includes the unique appearance of an acoustic four Harmonica Hazmat Modine quartet. The group uses the harmonica much in the way a gospel quartet uses voices to create chordal blends, harmony, and rhythm, and references some of the work of the harmonica band movement of the 1920’s & 30’s. This unusual ensemble of harmonica virtuosos will perform both a cappella and with the full band…

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