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J.J. Milteau "Explorer" por Richard Hunter

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Subject: [Harp-L] J.J. Milteau "Explorer"
Date: Fri, 28 Apr 2006 00:30:40 +0200 (GMT+02:00)
From: Richard Hunter
To: harp-l

I've been listening to J.J. Milteau's 1990 CD "Explorer" recently. This is a terrific jazz-rock record featuring Milteau, the French blues master, on harmonicas, with a French rhythm section. The titles of the 11 pieces on the CD generally reference blues masters (e.g. "B.B. Kong", "Tin Biscuit Boy," "Helena Ark"), and the album as a whole is dedicated to Paul Butterfield.

Throughout the CD, Milteau plays very hot, very sophisticated blues harmonica on top of a rhythm section playing blues tinged with fusion jazz. I was especially taken by Milteau's dead-on squeezebox emulation on the New Orleans-styled "I Can't Hold Out," but just about every song on the CD is a highlight of one sort or another. Milteau's tone is outstanding and tremendously varied, and the whole thing just cooks from start to finish.

This CD is now over 15 years old. I'm sure it's going to last -- this is timeless playing and arranging, and the harmonica tones are still exemplary examples of a wide range of electric styles.

Highly recommended, in case you can't tell from the preceding comments.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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