domingo, 12 de novembro de 2006

Harps for BAHAMUT

As gaitas usadas no CD Bahamut de Hazmat Modine.
Boa semana a todos.

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From: lil Buddha
Date: 12-Nov-2006 20:48
Subject: [Harp-L] Hazmat Modine Song Keys
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For those interested. I asked Wade for the Harp keys on Bahamut. Below is his response.

Cool!Nice to hear from you! I always suspected with harp-l that we were not quite jazzy enough for the jazz heads or bluesy enough for the blues guys...
so it's very nice to hear that we have gotten noticed...I am very happy to send any information that you wish...tell me if this is helpful...

Harps for BAHAMUT

OK Here it goes with the harps:

track one: two diatonic natural minor harps in G minor..

track two: Randy on chromatic

track three: harmonica minor and chromatic F minor

track four: no harp

track five: Two Bb harps in F (second position)

track six: Chromatic harp

track seven: Chromatic and diatonic key of F (2nd Pos)

track eight: Randy on Chromatic harmonica

track nine: regular G diatonic in first and second positions

track ten: Randy Chromatic harmonica

track eleven: no harp

track twelve: G natural minor diatonic and chromatic

track thirteen: Randy on chromatic harp

track fourteen: two regular diatonic C harps

all the very best to you and everyone at harp-l!


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