domingo, 20 de dezembro de 2009

Gaita USB

conheça a gaita-USB

BackyardBrand's Shop Announcement

"A mouth organ is a man's best friend, Peekay. You can slip it in your pocket and when you're sad it will make you happy. When you're happy it can make you want to dance. If you have a mouth organ in your pocket you'll never starve for company or a good meal. You should try it, it's a certain cure for loneliness." -- Bryce Courtenay, "The Power of One"

FlashHarp does all Mr. Courtenay says--and more. It's just 3¼” long, but video at proves FlashHarp is big on soul, good looks and outdoorsy style, too. Even Chicago's Old Town School of Folk Music is hip to it. Want to play? Buy a FlashHarp with a preloaded 10-minute harmonica lesson. Love the single-note sound? The Plug 'n Play Musical Combo has a full-sized harmonica, too, to make playing single notes easier. If you're the type to adopt innovation in a flash, buy the patented FlashHarp. And check the "Profile" section for links to more articles and reviews about FlashHarp.

era só uma questão de tempo ;-)

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