sábado, 23 de junho de 2007

E o gringo foi ao Bourbon Street

E gostou:

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From: Bill Hines
Date: Jun 22, 2007 7:49 PM
Subject: [Harp-L] Brazil Harp - Obrigado!
To: harp-l

Wow, just got back from Brazil and wanted to report since so many folks helped me out to get hooked up there (with music that is, the rest stays in Brazil..). Madcat, Fernando, everyone THANKS. I went to Bourbon Street Music Club Weds night to catch Sun Walk & Dog Brothers. I'd seen their youtube videos and they looked like a great Brazilian blues band, but alas no harp player. But that wasn't going to stop me from going.

So Weds night at the club, beautiful place, big stage, got a table right up close with my guest/host/companion for the evening. A warmup band, good blues band with a very attractive tiny female singer with a voice as big and strong as Big Mama herself, crazy Alvin Lee looking young longhair lead guitar player who was excellent if not just for his facial contortions and SOUL he put into his playing. After a few songs up comes a GUEST HARP PLAYER. Nice! Didn't catch the name, local guy I assume.
Good chops, bullet, Fender-type amp.

Provalmente o Gazela

Break, up comes Sun Walk. After a few songs, GUEST HARP PLAYER. Now for a seemingly endless parade of songs, GUEST HARP PLAYER, a different one on each song! They were all very good. I'm thinking, what the hell, is this a whole country of harp players here, all of whom way better than me? One guy just came up and played acoustically but to me he was the best. Killer tone, effects, electric technique through the acoustic mic - octaves, trills, vibrato, he had the whole package and great style. I did ask what his name was but now I forgot it. Young guy, black hair.

Provavelmente o Melk

Anyway, just a note for anyone in or traveling to Brazil - at least in Sao Paulo there seems to be many excellent harp players! I'm supposed to go back, but I asked that my next trip be to Rio since the beach and diving are closer :^)

Bill Hines
Hershey, PA

4 comentários:

  1. graças ao lobby brasileiro no harp-l, podemos passar a imagem de que o Brasil é o paraíso dos gaitistas ;-)

    tapinha nas costas. "bom trabalho" ;-)

  2. Provavelmente ele foi na noite da festa da blues n' jazz. O Gazela não tocou. Subiu ao palco o Carlini, Little Will, Ivan Márcio, Melk e outras pessoas que eu esqueci...
    O Fernando conseguiu me tirar das montanhas e estávamos lá tb.
    Ah! se eu soube teria ido lá me apresentar para o cara e apresentar os gaitistas pra ele.
    Depois preciso te contar sobre uma certa lista de músicas proibidas..

    Dia 11 tem show do Carlini e Eberienos, vc podia animar, né?

  3. de músicas proibidas eu só conheço mustang sally ;-)

  4. Dear Bill, thanks for the "very attractive tiny female singer with a voice as big and strong as Big Mama herself". I'm flattered :).