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EHQ 2007

Update do Electric Harmonica Quartet/Quintet
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From: Ludo Beckers
Date: May 18, 2007 12:37 PM
Subject: Re: [Harp-L] Looking for new inspiration
To: Harp-L

Hi Marc

(Late reply - catching up on digests)

At present there's two versions of EHQ (Electric Harmonica Quartet).
In the newer one the Q stands for quintet, since we found a bassharmonicaplayer (Lucien Winterberg) who joined, so Tinus could focus on diatonic.
The idea of having a quartet as well as quintet is to be able to play without Wim too, since he's living in Brasil some 9 months a year.

Unfortunately there's not much happening today; apart from Wim moving to Brasil, Lucien has been on a world-round-trip for months already, Tinus is buried in homework from the conservatory (he took up singing on top of the harmonica jazzstudies) and Thierry has been very busy preparing, recording and now promoting his second cd.

As for me... well, my stage name is Lazy Lew, so... ;-)
Ludo http://www.overblow.com/ehq/

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