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[Harp-L] Recording in studio...advice?

Taí, um tópico interessante sendo discutido na harp-l: dicas para tocar em estúdio...

From: Windsaver@aol.com

Couldn't help myself to offer some tips. Having spent several years on Music
Row in Nashville as an engineer and harp player gave me some good ideas.

1. The studio is not a place to be having a cocktail party. Wait until the
recording session is over. You need to be sober for best results.

2. Know your gear so that you can dial in the "sound" requested. Some songs
like really dirty some like crystal clean. The quicker you can do it the

3. Ribbon microphones do wonders for acoustic harp. Most studios should
have one. Not all engineers have experience recording harmonica so suggest at
setup time that it be ready for any songs that use acoustic harp.

4. Relax and leave the recording work to the engineers. Typically, it is
better to save questions about what they are doing, etc. until a break in the
recording action. Engineers really do have a lot of things to keep track of
during recording.

5. Treat the studio as if it was just like any other gig. Keep playing
even if you make a mistake (just like a live gig). It is easy to go back and do
it again if needed! It is amazing how people new to a studio can "freeze" up
when the record button is engaged and seemingly forget how to play. You know
you can play, so play!

6. It doesn't hurt to have some business cards to leave with the studio.
You never know when a harmonica player might be requested by someone. The
studio engineers will remember you if you are a cool cat to work with.

7. If you are the only session of the day, show up early before the actual
start time to haul in amps and get your rig setup (tell the drummer
especially). The engineers are going to be getting setup and will tell you where to
setup. Typically, this will not cost you any studio time.

8. The more prepared you are for the songs, the better the sessoin will go.

Have fun in the studio!

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  1. Kenji,

    Muito legal o Gaita BH, mas n�o sei se vai concordar comigo, mas poderia traduzir os artigos postados em ingl�s? Como eu alguns leitores n�o tem o dom�nio completo da l�ngua estrangeira...

    Mas o trabalho t� excelete! Parab�ns